The 2018 B2B content marketing survey sponsored by Brightcove and MarketingProfs reveals some interesting stats about the habits of content marketers.

If you ever doubted that content marketing was an effective strategy for B2B, this survey may sway your opinion.

B2B marketers continue to report success with their overall content marketing strategy with 65% reporting increased success compared to one year ago. And only 1% feeling they were less successful.

The key to their success? A well documented strategy, commitment to that strategy and consistency.

One area however, where marketings can improve is knowing when to discontinue ineffective activities. According to the survey, only 47% of respondent say they are stopping activities they found to be ineffective.

We get it. It’s hard to stopping doing something you have invested so much in.

For more stats, read “New Research Reveals Habits of top Content Marketing.”

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