If your website were on Tinder, would users swipe left or swipe right?

The impression your site makes is important, especially in the first few moments a user views your site. While you can do a lot to improve that impression and encourage users to stay and explore, it’s reasonable to expect some users will bounce from the site.

However, if a majority of users don’t like your site, then there’s something wrong with the site — not the user — that needs to be corrected.

Is your messaging or content to “fluffy” or full of jargon? Is your content too self focused, rather than addressing the user’s needs and problems? Do you make outrageous claims of perfection? Is your site downright ugly or hard to use?

Any of these things could be a turnoff for users. For more on these three common mistakes and how to fix them, read Why Aren’t Customers Responding To Your Website?

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