Is there a best time?

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Email Marketing & Automation | 0 comments

Everyone wants to know what the optimal or right  time to send email is in order to achieve the best open rates or click rates.

There are a lot of factors to determining the best time to send your emails.

Most importantly is your audience.

When are they most likely to check email? When are they most able to respond to email? When are they most likely to bulk delete all the garbage that came in from everyone who thought there was one, specific best time to send email?

According to Kissmetrics, many business still send email based on the assumption that people check email once in the morning and once at night, resulting in a large number of email sent at the same time that users are likely to bulk delete. But people are so connected now that checking email has become an all day, every hour occurrence. As such, they recommend sending emails when others are not, when  your email will stand out in someone’s inbox.

For more specific analysis, read 6 Tips For Sending Your Email Newsletter At The Right Time. But remember, while there is some data that would suggest the best time or times to send email, it comes down to your subscribers and their preferences.

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