International idioms

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There are some strange sayings around the world, like “don’t pedal in the sauerkraut.” And believe it or not, some of these idioms can improve your blog.

Convince & Convert outlines ten blogging tips they learned from international idioms.

“Stop walking around hot porridge” or in other words, “don’t beat around the bush.” Get to the point quickly and then back it up with data and information. Remember, people have short attention spans.

Avoid “jumping from the cock to the donkey.” Or, don’t change topics mid-blog post. Make sure you stay focused. If you find yourself jumping between several topics, consider splitting your post into several posts or a series.

Don’t “Pedal in the sauerkraut.” Why? Because you’ll just be spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. If you find you are having difficulty achieving your blogging goals, try something different.

For more on these three tips and seven more, read “10 Blogging Tips We’ve Learned from International Idioms” by Convince & Convert.

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