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by | Mar 3, 2016 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

Facebook is slated to open its Instant Articles feature to all publishers in April this year. What does that mean for brands and how can you leverage this change?

Instant Articles will allow brands to publish content directly on Facebook, much like Facebook’s native video player.

According to Contently, brands are encouraged to start using the new feature for three reasons:

  1. Load time for Instant Articles will discourage users from visiting external links

  2. Facebook’s algorithm will prioritize Instant Articles

  3. Facebook’s ad platform will allow brands to extend their content reach

However, while the feature will open up to any type of publisher, it is specifically designed for news publishers.

As such, brands should experiment and test the new feature to determine if Instant Articles will suit their content publishing needs or if time and budget would be better spent on other digital marketing efforts.

Learn more about Instant Articles from Contently.

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