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With less than two weeks left before #Inbound15, the Savoir Faire team is once again working on our plan of attack. We’re trying to make the best use of our team and the sessions, and suggest great topics for clients and colleagues as well.

While there have been some updates on, we found the online schedule to be a little overwhelming again this year. Once again, we have created a printable version that we’re happy to share with anyone else planning their conference schedule.

Let’s face it: This has grown to be one humongous conference. There are so many incredible sessions to browse before you make your choices. Some are offered multiple times. Some conflict with other great sessions you want to attend. You can use the filters on the online schedule to look at sessions by day, session type, or level to find those that will be right for your goals, but it’s tough to remember which sessions you thought sounded interesting before you scrolled and changed filters!

Our printable version (available ungated by clicking here or following the CTA below) organizes session information by day and time period to give you a bird’s eye view of the schedule, session and tracks.

Here’s another tip: No matter what, you’re going to run into WiFi issues at the BCEC during the conference. No matter how many additional hot spots they put up, when 15,000 people try to access the app or mobile web version of this schedule at the same time, there’s gonna be an issue. Trust us. This has been an issue every year. So having a printed version of the schedule has come in handy each year.

This year, Hubspot has created an online tool to build your schedule. Go to and click on the Agenda tab. Sign in to access the schedule builder.

  • Click “My Schedule.” You’ll see keynotes and spotlights have already been added for you.
  • Search for the sessions you are interested in and click “Add to my schedule.” Sessions you have added show an orange button that says “Added to my schedule.” You can remove a session by clicking again.
  • Once you have built your schedule, click “Printable Schedule” at the bottom of your schedule listing to access a print-friendly listing of your schedule.

One caveat: this was created based on the current schedule on There will likely be updates and filled holes between now and conference time.

We hope you find this planner to be useful as you get ready for this monster of a conference. And, we’d love to hear from you – or connect with you at the event. Tweet to @StephMcL or @Monkeybutt during the conference or leave a comment here prior to the show!

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