Inbound 2013 Agenda Overview

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We’re looking forward to attending  Inbound 2013 next week in Boston. Looking at the agenda, though, we found ourselves scrolling, flipping and zooming to try to get a view that allowed us to create a  plan of attack for our team. We felt that the full agenda on was a little too unwieldy for our liking (it prints out at 54 pages!) and the “at a glance” version didn’t contain any session titles or room numbers.

We created something that we thought was a little more usable for planning. Then we realized that we may not be the only ones having this issue so we wanted you to have it, too.

Help yourself to our PDF overview. It prints out at 8 pages, landscape orientation, on regular-sized paper. The PDF header links to the full agenda if you want more information about a presentation. Also, caveat: this was created based on the current schedule on There will likely be updates and filled holes between now and conference time.

Inbound 2013 Agenda Overview

See you next week in Boston!

Steph, Janna & Mark

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