What is your definition of a “craft” beer — one that’s made by a tiny company or one that is new and different? Small brewers and global brewers have differing definitions as “craft” becomes mainstream.

Of course it was only a matter of time before the big boys of brewing started marketing their wares as “craft” beer selections. The branding of “craft” beers has come to mean local, small batch and fancy to connoisseurs of a brewed beverage.

Big beer companies now create brands that have a certain look or feel to convey a “craft” option, often convincing consumers that the beer comes from small, independent breweries.

However, studies show that consumers would likely avoid purchasing and drinking those beers if they knew the truth. A Society of Independent Brewers survey just released says that 98% of beer drinkers do not believe that a global brewer such as Anheuser-Busch is even capable of brewing a “craft” beer.

Is this a deceptive tactic by global beer brewers? Is a beer produced by a global entity still “craft” or are those giants of beer simply appropriating branding conventions established by small brewers.

The Guardian looks at both angles in this refreshing new article.

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