The Importance of Pillar Pages

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Not to be confused with Picture Pages from the late 1970s, pillar pages are extremely useful website pages, for both humans AND Google.

Search queries are getting longer, and they’re starting to sound more like a conversation. Why? According to Hubspot, 64% of searches are four words or more. In addition, people are starting to get smarter about searching, so they can find more relevant information, faster.

So how do you get your website to rank for that relevant information? Enter pillar pages and topic clusters. Think of it as the introductory page, and linking pages as deeper explanations or education on specific topics.

Pillar pages contain relevant information about a general topic of information on your website. They are broad but not deep, allowing for blog posts or additional pages to be built to delve deeper into specific aspects of the subject – or to address specific keywords. Importantly, each of those posts and pages links back to the pillar page creating a web of information about a topic. Consider your pillar page your “101” level class on the topic and your posts and pages to be deeper education on that topic.

To learn more about pillar pages, and how to create them, read the full article, here.

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