Hubspot is an inbound marketing software platform designed to help companies create and manage complex inbound marketing campaigns that attract buyers rather than interrupt them. Hubspot provides tools to create content, optimize it for search engines, share it via social media and email, and measure the results.

Hubspot says you can do it all with just one platform that includes tools for:

  • Email
  • Websites
  • SEO
  • Marketing Automation
  • Landing Pages
  • Analytics
  • Social Media
  • Blogging 

Sounds easy, right? 

Working with a partner

Hubspot makes it relatively easy for a marketer or content creator to gather insights, publish content and social media messages, send emails to segmented lists, and automate marketing. However, many businesses become overwhelmed with either how much there is to learn or how much time is needed to fully utilize the system, while simultaneously creating original content and resources.

To support businesses that use the platform, Hubspot created a Certified Partner Program. Hubspot partners possess Hubspot marketing expertise and work with businesses right in their Hubspot portals to get the most out of the tools and create inbound strategies that achieve business goals. Hubspot partners receive many hours of training and are continually exposed to new information, tools and the resources to be equipped to get things done more efficiently and in a shorter period of time both because of their expertise and because they’re in the system so regularly. Hubspot partners also have the opportunity to receive certifications (Inbound, Hubspot, Partner and Design) that take their skills to the next level and demonstrate their full commitment to Hubspot and to the inbound marketing methodology.

Hubspot tools and how a partner can help 

To utilize Hubspot, you must first understand inbound marketing and it’s methodology. Inbound marketing utilizes blog posts and various other types of online content to attract visitors who are looking for answers to specific questions. Landing pages are built to convert website visitors into leads by offering a piece of educational content and asking visitors to trade some personal information (name, company, email) for that content. Using information gathered through the landing page forms and lead-nurturing tactics, inbound marketers can nurture leads with targeted messages based on their actions or interactions with your website and content. Ultimately, the goal is to turn visitors into customers and, by “delighting” them, turn customers into evangelists.

While it’s goal is to be user-friendly, Hubspot is a complex content management system combined with a CRM,email and marketing automation tools.

It includes:

  • File management tools for storing images and files.
  • A template builder allowing users to create site-page, landing-page and email templates, ensuring a branded and consistent look and feel across all touchpoints.
  • Sitemap and URL tools to arrange and build an intuitive navigation and structure that is search engine friendly.
  • Landing page tools to create, optimize  and analyze landing pages to convert visitors into leads.
  • Drag-and-drop form builder to create powerful, custom forms to collect lead information.
  • Reporting tools to analyze data such as visits, leads and customers from various referral sources; page performance; competitors; keywords and conversion assists. This allows users to gauge what works and what might need refinement.
  • Email tools to create follow-up emails, newsletters, automated timed emails or offer emails, which are engaging and device responsive. Combined with templates, these emails can be customized depending on type, from simple text-based to image-rich emails.
  • A system to manage contacts, review contact properties and create segmented lists based on contact information or behavior. The contacts database also collects and reports on every touchpoint between your leads and your Hubspot assets, viewable in a chronological timeline.
  • A personas “wizard” to walk users through the creation of buyer personas for more targeted content mapping and list segmentation.
  • Social media monitoring, publishing and reporting tools allow users to link their business’s social media accounts and publish or schedule messages to each channel or to multiple channels at the same time. Users may also construct “streams” based on specific criteria in order to monitor keywords or Twitter users  and the associated activity on Twitter.
  • Campaign tools to  manage and easily monitor the performance of the various elements of a campaign at a glance.
  • Marketing automation tools to nurture leads efficiently utilizing sets of automated actions executed upon a trigger condition.
  • Third-party integrations for Salesforce, Wistia, GoToWebinar, SurveyMonkey and more.

As you can see, Hubspot has a lot to offer and the number of features can be overwhelming. But even small businesses can streamline and amplify their marketing efforts by leveraging just a few of the tools available. And by having all the information in one place — rather than a cobbled-together system using a CMS such as WordPress, an email marketing service, Google Analytics, Hootsuite and SEO research tools — businesses can increase their efficiencies while generating more traffic and leads.

Hubspot offers a great deal of support and training to help you succeed using their software and inbound methodology. If you spend a little bit of time getting to know the features and participating in some of the training, you can achieve some success. If you spend a lot of time with the platform, you can learn to make it sing and dance. Unfortunately, many businesses find that time can be hard to come by among their other roles and responsibilities.

A partner agency can help.

Savoir Faire has been a Hubspot partner for several years and,  during that time has achieved and maintained a number of Hubspot certifications (Inbound Certified, Hubspot Certified, COS/Design Certified). We are now happy to report that we are also Partner Certified. As part of our ongoing efforts to remain current on best practices related to inbound marketing and on using the Hubspot software, Savoir Faire is proud to have achieved these certifications and proven our knowledge and proficiency to best support our Hubspot clients.

If you are a Hubspot customer or thinking about becoming one, contact us to learn more about working with Certified Partner Agency.

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