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How to Market Your Team to Convey Brand Trust

by | Last updated Aug 4, 2021 | Published on Apr 27, 2020 | Savoir Stuff, Strategy & Analysis | 0 comments

In these cuckoo times of global pandemic, building brand trust is more important than ever. Consumers can clearly see who behaves admirably and who doesn’t know how to “read the room.” One great way to convey the excellence and genuineness of your brand today is via your people.

The members of your team humanize your brand and bring awareness to the fact that your company consists of people that are doing their best to serve your customer base.

Your team is the unique aspect

Most companies are not alone in their area of expertise. You have competitors who may have near-identical products or services. What your competitors don’t have is your team. Consider making short videos where your team talks about their areas of expertise. This shines a spotlight on specific aspects of your business and allows your people to shine as well. After all, they are what make your specialties special.  

This is content that doesn’t require a lot of development; your team members are already the experts on the subject matter. Consider posting on your social media accounts, blog or video channels.

Homemade videos

One thing this pandemic proves is that you don’t need to be an expert to produce compelling video. The news, late night TV, and more have stripped away the polish of production values. You don’t need special effects or a big crew. One team member can handle directing, editing, and starring duties since most smartphones have built-in, intuitive video cameras, and there’s a plethora of easy-to-use editing apps that are free.

How-to videos were huge on YouTube before we all sheltered at home, and now people have even more time to stream. If your team is working from home, your customers may like to see how that happens. 

Plus, you can showcase the personality of your people. Jimmy Fallon has his kids climbing all over him as he hosts “The Tonight Show.” That’s relatable. We bet your people are relatable, too. Showing your customers how you’re coping and how you’re doing builds rapport.

Get your people out in front

Right now, messages from human beings go over better with the public than promotions, even if that message isn’t perfect. Companies are struggling. People are terrified they’ll lose their business or their jobs. It’s OK to appear less than perfect these days as long as the message is clear and honest.

Transparency equals trust. Your customers are smart. They’ll see through a cheap ploy to exploit the environment.

Your social media channels are a great way to make your company more human. It’s something we do at Savoir Faire all the time, not just when there’s a global crisis (but we’re doing it more now!). For us, we know that Facebook offers opportunities to be sassy and show off our individual personalities.

Lately, we’ve been sharing photos of our QuaranTeams – our significant others, kids, and pets whom we share a space with while working. We post potentially-embarrassing photos from our past to fit a theme, such as our “Pandemic Playlist” of classic ‘80s tunes. 

When we’re able to be in-person socially, we LOVE getting into the community, such as sharing a Facebook Live video of the team trying waaaay too many tacos at last year’s annual Taco Tour. (P.S. There’s no such thing as way too many tacos.)

The point is your team brings your company to life, so don’t be afraid to show that. Once you do, that impersonal, generic business façade fades away and you’re on your way to becoming a trusted brand – in gray days or sunny. 

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