How Social Media Impacts SEO

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

Are your social media efforts worth it?

Although social analytics have gotten more sophisticated over time, it’s still extremely hard to measure the correlation between social shares and organic rankings. Sometimes it may even seem like there’s no point.

Founder/CTO at WordStream, Inc., Larry Kim tells us why it IS worth it, in an article that closely examines the impact of social media on SEO. On the one hand, Google has said time and time again that it “doesn’t use Facebook, Twitter, or any other social share counts as a direct ranking factor.”

Okay…but then how do you explain that a higher instance of social insights seems to go hand in hand with an increase in page rankings? Kim says it’s all about social engagement instead of simply shares. For more details on how social media actually affects SEO, read the full article here.

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