How CMOs are spending

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Content marketing is growing and is slated to receive a big piece of marketing budgets in the next two to three years.

According to Adage, 57% of CMOs plan to boost their marketing budgets. Content development will receive over 13% of those budgets (and traditional advertising around 11.5%).

CMOs will also be focused on developing content and allocating spend across the various stages of the buyer’s journey, underscoring the importance of targeted content and how consumers research, shop and buy.

For the most part, no one part of the cycle or journey is favored. The largest portion will be on the buy phase of the journey at 21% and the discovery phase at 20%. The learn, try, use and advocate phases have generally seen budgets between 13 and 16%.

To illustrate how marketers will be experimenting with budget allocations across the buyer cycle, IBM and the CMO Club have shared this infographic.

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