Holiday SEO

by | Nov 29, 2018 | Strategy & Analysis | 0 comments

SEO is usually a long game. But there are some short-term strategies you can implement for the holiday shopping season.

Look at your page titles and descriptions. These are usually relatively easy to change depending on your site’s content management system and can be refined to be more enticing to people who see your site on the search engine results pages.

Update evergreen pages with new content and move old content to an archive. For example, top lists, reviews, or staff picks are great pieces of content that can be updated year after year.

Look past the holidays. Think about what people might search for during the season and immediately after and optimize your content and keywords. Search Engine Land explains: “Where the parent might have looked for ‘best video games 2018,’ the gift card holder will be searching queries like ‘black ops 4 price” or ‘black ops 4 ps4 cheap.’”

Learn about these and other strategies in “SEO for holiday shoppers.”

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