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What do you call a late-adopter who was aware of something when the early-adopters were adopting it and has been watching and studying it ever since but hasn’t yet adopted it themselves (until now)? I don’t know, either, but if you come up with something, let me know so I know what to call myself.

So, blogging. Yeah. Easy enough so far, right? Sixty words in and it’s going well.

Now for the hard part: coming up with something compelling, or even merely interesting, to write about on a regular basis. Hopefully that something will be engaging enough to start a conversation with friends, followers and colleagues. That something will very likely be focused on subjects that are of interest to me professionally: marketing, communications, storytelling, identifying and locating audiences, social media, websites and the use and promotion thereof. The something might also include running and growing a small business and the trials, tribulations and triumphs that accompany it.

So, my homework for tonight is to do what I recommend my clients do and create an editorial calendar. Traditionally, an editorial calendar was used by print publications to identify the sections, features and subjects that will be covered in upcoming issues. It serves to maintain that publication’s editorial focus in a particular area or ensure that they cover certain subjects at certain times of the year. For my purposes, an editorial calendar will help me keep my focus with this blog, which will make it more effective for me as a business tool and, hopefully, more relevant for you as a reader.

While I’m sure you’d all love to hear about my personal antics and escapades, as they are hilarious hijinks, that won’t serve my business all that well and I’m guessing that you’d stop coming back pretty quickly (except of course you, mom!). Also, if I’m going to invest my precious time into maintaining a blog, then I would like for it to have some value for my business.

So there it is: my first ‘walking the walk.’ To those of my clients who I have been advising, imploring, cajoling and educating about blogs, here’s me putting my own words into practice.


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