Email marketing and list growth has come a long way in terms of how lists are acquired and new contacts are added. List buying has become frowned upon and explicit opt-in since CAN-SPAM became not only encouraged but required.

As a result, marketers have taken extra care with their lists and ensuring  that their deliverability remains high and their sending reputation sound.

Unfortunately, through no fault of their own, many email marketers have experienced an unusual spike in bounce rates since March. The likely culprit: Verizon’s acquisition of Yahoo and their subsequent removal of abandoned, unused or dormant email addresses.

If you have suddenly experienced a high number of bounces, there’s not a lot you can do. However, to manage your bounce rates moving forward, consider using an email verification service to validate addresses on your list.

Additionally, keep an eye on  your spam complaints. If Yahoo makes email addresses it has shut down available again, you could be sending to a new person who now has your subscriber’s address. These users may simply mark your emails as spam rather than unsubscribing.

For more on the Yahoo changes and what you can do, “Yahoo Emails Bouncing? Here Is Why, and What You Can Do.”

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