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The quality of your emails should generally outweigh the quantity you send. Be diligent and patient in growing your list and be prepared to trim less non-engaged contacts.

The worst way to grow your business email contact list is by renting or buying lists from third-party sellers. These contacts didn’t sign up for you! (And you may be breaking CAN-SPAM laws, too.)

You want to build a list of fresh subscribers who want to hear what you have to say; this means they’ve to opted-in to receiving your content.

One of the best ways to grow your contacts is by providing regular content that prospects want to see. Your blogs and social media posts should be chock full of info people want to share.

Use call-to-action buttons and links to subscribe with all of your marketing content. Your output should be strong enough that your existing list will be encouraged to share it with their contacts, which will grow your list further.

Less can be more. Segmented lists and targeted content can aid in lowering your unsubscribe rate.

Learn more in our blog post, How to Grow Your Email List.

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