Greatest Hits: How modern TV reflects what’s going on in content marketing

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If you’re a fan of modern TV shows it’s worth asking yourself if you like how juicy, and real, and engaging they are, how they hold your attention over time. If you do, then it might be worth also asking whether you can apply some of those same engaging traits to marketing your business.

In one of our more popular blog posts, we looked at how the evolution of modern television reflects a good deal of what’s going on in marketing.

The post was inspired by a Boston Globe article by TV critic Matthew Gilbert that discussed how screenwriters are writing for modern audiences. From that, we posited that marketers can take on the role of screenwriter because they have the opportunity to write specifically for the types of characters that are interested in our products and solutions. And, we can write for them progressively, as the seasons of our customer acquisition process accumulate. With our content and all the things we can do online, we can accompany our potential customers along their purchase process, including the stages of asking a question, researching a solution, qualifying a provider and, finally, making a purchase.

Since we’re focusing on the topic this week, we thought we’d unearth this gem in the hopes that it brings the content marketing conversation to life for you.

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