Globally, there are millions of cyber attacks each day. According to WordFence, maker of the WordPress security plugin of the same name, there are more than 15,000 attacks per minute on WordPress sites that their plugin monitors and protects. 

New attack types are appearing daily. Attackers look for various software vulnerabilities including SQL Injection, Cross-site scripting, and Inclusion vulnerabilities. They also use brute-force attacks to gain access to a site by utilizing scripts to attempt different username and password combinations. To counter these attacks, it is imperative that your website run the most up-to-date software and plugins available and that  you monitor them for continual improvement. Manual monitoring, however, can be time consuming. Tools such as WordFence monitor your website for you and alert you to persistent login attempts and version changes and can be configured to block specific country IPs as well as scan for malware and brute force attacks. Savoir Faire recommends security plugins such as WordFence and regular maintenance and updates to protect your biggest marketing asset.

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