Being able to manage all your digital assets and reporting from a central “hub” is an attractive solution compared to utilizing disparate and disconnected tools. However, there are pros and cons that should be carefully considered before putting all your eggs in one basket.

SaaS providers offering marketing automation, reporting and website/blog hosting generally have easy to use tools to build your lead nurturing, your website presence and your content marketing without necessarily needing to know anything about website design or code. 

Unfortunately, access to the building tools are limited to their interface and do not provide any way (such as FTP or control panel access) to download, backup and move your site or assets to another provider or solution easily.

Yes, you could access your content post-by-post and page-by-page to copy the text to Word documents and to download images and then recreate your presence. But if you have hundreds of pages and posts, this can be a tremendous undertaking.  

You also lose all the historical reporting data unless you are able to export reports to use in comparison to any data collected in a reporting system that may be implemented.

For these reasons, we recommend considering a hybrid approach where your website and blog are hosted in an environment you have control over and your reporting and analytics are conducted using your own Google Analytics account.

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