Go (ever)green

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Improve your backlinks, rankings and organic traffic with evergreen blog content.

Evergreen content, or content that doesn’t go out of date, is content that “revolves around a topic that’s always relevant to readers,” according to

For example, some evergreen topics might be:

  • How to lose weight
  • How to barbecue ribs

Non-evergreen topics, however, are dependent on a news cycle, season or point in time. For example, topics could include anything about elections, holidays or specific sporting events.

So why is evergreen content important?

Content that is seasonal or topical can produce beneficial spikes in traffic while interest is high. But, eventually, interest wanes and the traffic disappears.

Evergreen content on the other hand can continue to bring traffic to your site as interest in the topic is less likely to decline. Seriously…someone is always searching for ways to lose weight, 24/7/365. What are the evergreen questions in your industry?

Learn more about evergreen topics and evergreen content from Ahrefs.

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