Global branding

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Is it possible to build a brand that resonates globally despite differences in language and experiences among various countries or regions?

Technology and advances in transportation and shipping have made it easier for businesses to operate on a global scale. And, while traditional operational tasks have managed to keep pace with these changes and how business is conducted globally, branding has been more difficult to adapt.

If the sole purpose of a brand is to communicate a single, cohesive, consistent and compelling value proposition, then it shouldn’t vary depending on the location. The brand should be the same in the United States, China, Turkey or anywhere else; otherwise, you risk confusion.

So how do you develop a single brand perceived  as intended worldwide despite differences in perception and preference? According to Forbes, a global brand should build on the highest common denominator, finding the commonalities rather than the differences.

Read more in “One World, One Brand? Branding B2B Companies In A Global Marketplace.”

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