Ghost spam in GA

by | Aug 31, 2015 | Strategy & Analysis | 0 comments

Many businesses rely on data from Google Analytics when making decisions about website effectiveness, ad spending and more. But inaccurate data can cause businesses to make misguided decisions.

This inaccurate data in Google Analytics (GA) can be caused by spam. Imagine thinking you have 3,000 visitors a month. Then, when you filter out referral spam from social buttons, adult sites, attackers and other sources, you learn you only have 40.

The spam can be categorized as two types: ghosts and as crawlers.

According to MOZ, most spam is of the ghost type. Ghosts never access your site. Instead, they use a method that allows them to send data to GA servers directly, leaving a “visit” with fake data.

Moz discusses in this article mistakes people make when dealing with and interpreting spam.  The author also outlines how to create a filter to deal with ghost spam.

Please note: This is a rather advanced use of GA and may require the assistance of an SEO practitioner.

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