What do you do with an idea that seems too big for a blog, but you’re compelled to write about?

Turn it into a series.

In a series, you can break a large topic into smaller pieces, while keeping your audience interested and in anticipation of the next post in the series.

It’s not difficult to do, but does require some planning. First, introduce the topic, let your audience know why you want to write about it, and why they should listen to you.

In each of the following posts in the series, address different aspects of the topic, getting more in-depth. By the end, you will have comprehensively answered whatever question or concern you began with, hopefully leaving your readers wondering what else they can learn from you.

Bonus: a series of blog posts can be combined into a longer-form piece of content, like a white paper or e-book that can be promoted in different ways.

For more details on how to put together a successful blog series, read the full article on Copyblogger.

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