Get ready for CCPA

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First it was GDPR. Now, it’s CCPA or the California Consumer Privacy Act, which is set to roll out in 2020.

Last year, you may have poured over the requirements set forth by the EU’s GDPR privacy regulations to figure out, first, if your business is affected and, second, how to comply. Good news! You get to do it all over again.

As more security breaches and questionable privacy practices come to light (think Cambridge Analytics), privacy has become, rightfully so, a very hot topic.

With CCPA, California will become the first state to pass stringent privacy and data protection regulations.

Similar to GDPR, CCPA protects California citizens. If your business earns over $25M per year, processes 50k or more transactions or records of California residents per year or gets 50% of annual revenue from selling the personal info of Californians, you must comply. Much more straightforward than to GDPR.

Learn more about why you should comply and how in Get Response’s blog post “CCPA: How to Get Ready for the California Consumer Privacy Act.”

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