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We all know that eating a nutritious balanced diet is necessary for good healthy. What you eat during the day can also affect your  productivity at work.

How many times have you reached the 3 o’clock hour and felt drained and ready for a nap? Did you reach for a soda and sugary snack? While these can give you a quick jump start, the energy won’t last and you’ll soon be needing to refuel again.

According to this infographic from EBOC and Hubspot, workers who ate healthy all day long were 25% more likely to have higher job performance. The infographic also outlines some sample foods to eat throughout the day for higher productivity levels and to reduce low energy levels. But remember, not every body processes food the same.

At the SFMC office, Ben and Steph prefer a “protein salad” at lunch while Janna sticks to protein (via yogurt) in the morning and vegetarian options at lunch. Tell us in the comments how you maintain your productivity levels.

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