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Some people will hashtag anything. It doesn’t matter if it helps other users find their content, their posts, their tweets. They try to be witty or funny in their tags. But if your post isn’t seen, what’s the point?

Hashtags allow users to filter a feed of content to just the posts related to a specific topic. They also allow sites like Twitter to display what’s trending or popular to users.

One easy way to help your content get found beyond your current follower list, is to leverage popular hashtags people are using or to jump on trending hashtags and create content around what people are searching for right now (sort of like newsjacking).

So how do you find these tags? On Twitter, you can easily find trending tags and topics in your profile. But there are a variety of tools that allow you to find and visualize popular and trending tags to help you plan your social media posts. Learn about nine tools to improve your hashtagging from Sprout Social.

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