Standing out is getting so…much…more…difficult. Getting noticed requires a bit of fearlessness. But what does fearless marketing entail?

Being fearless means going for it. But with a plan.

We aren’t simply talking about following a gut instinct with no thought, rhyme or reason.

We are talking about having a point of view, taking a risk and selling less to cut through the noise..

In “How Fearless Content Marketing Pays off for Reebok, Merriam-Webster + Shinesty,” Jaisy De La Cruz outlines the innovative ways three companies approached their content marketing without fear.

We particularly like Merriam-Webster’s real time marketing. The company tracks word lookups and then publishes an article based on words or phrases with higher than normal search volume that is often tied back to some event or happening (news, events, celebrities, etc).

The company’s Twitter account, through tweeting these articles, helps people understand the nuances in language and and what is actually being said/written while also earning them thousands of new followers and increased site traffic.

But their tweets aren’t just word definitions. They inject humor, throw shade and reveal a personal side to the company. So how are they being fearless? By writing about whatever is on top of the trends rather than choosing select topics and self-censoring.

Read the article to learn about Reebok and Shinesty’s fearless marketing efforts.

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