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Facebook Changes to Link Previews

by | Last updated May 26, 2022 | Published on Jul 19, 2017 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

As usual, Facebook has made changes which could be significant for social media marketers as well as website developers.

As of July 17, Facebook has eliminated the ability to customize link previews to combat the proliferation of fake news or bait and switch articles.

Marketers who could once set more compelling titles, descriptions and images for links they shared, are now at the mercy of a website’s meta data when crafting a post.

That means you may be stuck with an incomplete or irrelevant link preview depending on the site’s available meta data.

What about pages from your website your website? What will their previews look like?

To ensure that links you as well as others share from your site are optimized for engagement and virality, make sure each page has a unique title, compelling description and an image.

For more on this change, read this post from Hootsuite .

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