While there may be several benefits to extra sensory perception, we’re talking about email service providers and how they can improve your email marketing.

Email service providers like MailChimp and Constant Contact offer a better solution for sending your marketing emails than do your personal email clients such as Outlook or Gmail.

These service providers are suited to handle the large volume of sends associated with email marketing. They are able to offer list management and segmentation as well as automated ways to personalize emails based on contact data, which would be quite difficult through Outlook. They also give marketers and business owners a way to track and analyze emails that your personal email clients won’t, from clicks to opens to performance over time.

All that being said, two of the biggest benefits are an ESP’s adherence to CAN-SPAM regulations and improved deliverability. These things can help keep your email and your domain from being blacklisted.

For more about the benefits of using an ESP, read ClickDimensions post 8 Smart Reasons to use an Email Service Provider.


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