There’s nothing wrong with looking at what others are doing and emulating their formula to make blogging more manageable and increase your chance for success.

Of course you want to produce unique content which attracts visitors to your site. Obviously, you don’t want to be copying everything someone else does — especially content.

However, you can draw some general ideas and techniques from successful blogs. has selected seven corporate blogs from various industries and has highlighted what makes each a successful and/or award winning blog. Three examples are below:

  1. Whole Foods: Don’t just focus on your products but on the culture and lifestyle of your readers and those who buy your products
  2. Insightly: Get to know your audience and focus on what they want to know not just what you want to tell them
  3. The Pioneer Woman: Be yourself and don’t be afraid to get personal

For more on these blogs and four more you can emulate, read The Write Stuff: 7 Award-Winning Company Blogs to Emulate.

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