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Your one stop for email marketing solutions

by | Last updated Feb 7, 2024 | Published on Sep 17, 2020 | Email Marketing & Automation | 0 comments

​We’ve been proclaiming for years what everyone else caught up to this year (thanks, pandemic): email marketing is alive, well and potentially the most cost-effective tactic in your content marketing toolbox. Because we believe so strongly in the power of email marketing, we’ve assembled a one-stop shop for email marketing solutions.

Think of our new web page, dubbed The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing Strategy, as the Target or Walmart of email marketing spots – you can get everything you need in one place!

Just as department stores are designed with, well, departments, so is this page. Just click on a topic in the directory (or table of contents) and jump right to that section.

Email marketing solutions on the page include:

Types of Emails Your Business Could Send: Perhaps it’s time to analyze your email data and improve your email marketing tactics. You may be utilizing some one-to-one or one-to-many emails already, though it’s a good practice to consider all your options when you’re evaluating your email marketing efforts.

Email Lists: Growing, Managing and Cleaning: Growth and shrinkage in your email list is inevitable, and not necessarily a bad thing. Cleaning your list by getting rid of invalid email addresses and scrubbing unengaged users allows you to focus on those prospects more likely to convert or take action – and improves your sending reputation.

Creating Your Email: There’s so much more to consider than write and send. Best practices may not all be the best for your needs, but think about some of these aspects when planning your next email: a great subject line, email layout and design, personalization, when to send – there’s lots to ponder!

Email Marketing Solutions: We look at the advantages and disadvantages of five of the most-popular third-party email sending services. Plus, there are tips on keeping your send and deliverability rate high.

Analysis and Stats: It’s important to know you’re sending the right kind of content at the right time to the right contacts while simultaneously determining frequency of send, which can be challenging. But, learning and utilizing analytics tools (some of them are free and very user-friendly) means you’ll have quick and easy access to that information.

Special Email Topics: As many small businesses shifted from brick and mortar to online only or a hybrid of the two, transactional emails is a timely topic. Transactional emails are a solid opportunity to grow trust, spur stronger engagement and boost purchases.

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We’re not the only proponents of email marketing. Search Engine Journal released a new survey where 72% of respondents said email is the most-efficient marketing channel for nurturing leads. Next year, email turns the big 4-0, and we already have some adjectives in mind for email’s 2021 milestone: fit, fab and functional! In the meantime, click to brush up your email marketing strategy.

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Your one stop for email marketing solutions – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications

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