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Email List Health for Small Business Owners

by | Last updated Feb 6, 2024 | Published on Nov 30, 2023 | Email Marketing & Automation

Keeping your email list in fighting shape empowers you to keep at least one step ahead of your competition. Aim for a resilient, active and organic email list that fuels the growth of your small business.

Savoir Faire’s in-house email experts employ a multitude of strategies to keep our clients’ email lists robust and off of Santa’s naughty list. We run annual health checkups on email lists just like your annual medical checkup. And we employ effective lead generation methods to keep your connections fresh. A complete email marketing solution is still a wise approach for small businesses because email isn’t going anywhere.   

(By the way, we regularly update our Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing page, so bookmark it!)

Email Marketing is Here to Stay – So Avoid List Decay

Your aim should be to counteract the email list decay that haunts many businesses. It’s important to ensure your email lists stay fresh for a variety of reasons, including maintaining your sending domain’s good reputation. Your top email priority should be minimizing the chance of your emails being flagged as spam, followed by email being sent to non-existent addresses. 

Ensuring that the emails your small business sends land at real, active addresses results in:

  • A reduction in hard and soft bounce rates
  • Increased open rates
  • Better engagement
  • And, ultimately, a pumped-up return on investment 

How to Build Healthy Email Lists 

Think about what you do when you get an email totally unrelated to your interests. We bet it’s either hitting delete or marking it as spam. The secret to a robust email strategy lies in maintaining a clean, healthy list. Quick fixes like purchasing or renting email addresses might initially seem appealing, but tread carefully! These tactics are fraught with pitfalls. 

Such email addresses often lead to lower-quality contacts with little relevance or interest in your offerings. This means an underperforming campaign that adds little to your bottom line, and worse, a risk to your domain’s reputation if your messages are marked as spam or bounce in large numbers. 

Esteemed email platforms also have strict policies against the use of such lists. Today, it’s all about quality engagement—a robust email list full of contacts that have actively opted in to your communication. 

A shiny, new (paid for) list might be alluring, but understand they are mostly full addresses that will ignore your message or cast you into the spam abyss. disregard your emails, or even worse, report them as spam, tarnishing your pristine reputation. 

Instead, cultivate your list, even if it takes more time. It’s worthwhile. A shocking 91% of consumers actually prefer to get promotion emails from businesses they patronize, according to a Marketing Sherpa study. 

Another danger lurking on your list is dead subscribers, those who have not interacted with your emails for more than six months. Lack of engagement might stem from emails showing up in spam or junk folders, but it could also be ill-timed delivery or unappealing content. Generic emails are often routed to spam or delivery may be delayed. Continuing to email inactive subscribers could put you on a blacklist. Avoid this pitfall at all costs. 

And, don’t forget the CAN-SPAM Act, because who wants to be breaking the law? 

If your in-house team lacks the strategic expertise around email list health, consider partnering with a marketing team such as Savoir Faire that knows and uses top email tools like Mailchimp and Hubspot. 

Marketing Email To-Dos for Growing a Healthy List

Consider this scenario, you’ve crafted an engaging ebook, whitepaper or webinar. It’s chock-full of the insightful, pertinent information that your audience craves. Offer it, but there’s a small price to pay—a user’s contact information. The trade-off is worth it for them and invaluable for you.

Then go a step further and incorporate a subscription form in your blog posts, templates and sidebars.

Your website should have many opportunities to capture a visitor’s email addresses. Embed convincing calls-to-action and drive users headfirst towards your landing pages.  Make your email opt-in form pop, and let it be noticeable. 

Lay out the spoils that await anyone who chooses to subscribe or sign up. What will they get from you? How often will they hear from you? Continually tweak and test the placement of your forms, sign-ups and email capture methods based on your site layout, your visitor’s habits and which sign-ups work best.  It’s an ever-evolving art, and the reward is a healthy, growing email list. 

Design email marketing campaigns so captivating your subscribers cannot help but open and read them, and maybe even share and forward them. (How do you do that? Make it RELEVANT to their interests vis a vis what you do/sell/provide.) In doing so, they act as ambassadors, vouching for your brand. Just ensure you’re making the sharing process a breeze as no one likes a party that’s hard to get into. Make your communications so irresistible that they refuse to unsubscribe. This is your ticket to a bustling email list. 

Email vs. Social Media

Whether it’s social media or email, we’ve all experienced an influx of messages. But here’s the key difference: Emails tend to stick around in a way that fleeting social media updates just can’t match. 

According to ZeroBounce, 39% of people check their email three to five times a day making it evident that email is a potent tool for sustained engagement. Typically, emails take the lead over social media when it comes to read rates, click-throughs and conversions. Therefore, integrating email effectively into your marketing and sales strategy could be your golden ticket to success. 

Your relentless effort in nurturing your subscriber list may sometimes feel like a daunting chase, especially if you see subscriber numbers dwindle over time. However, with Savoir Faire, you’ll find the perfect balance between tenacity and strategic retrenchment. Keeping  a close watch on dormant subscribers, earnest attempts to re-engage them, and—when needed—the courage to let go, are essential. 

Consider Savoir Faire your strategic ally in navigating email marketing waters and growing a healthy, responsive list that amplifies your message and drives your business success. Don’t forfeit the opportunity to nurture profound connections with your audience and scale new business peaks— partner with us.

Keep your site healthy!

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Email List Health for Small Business Owners – Savoir Faire Marketing & Communications

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