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Trends come and go. In fashion, in hair, in business and in e-commerce. What does 2016 have in store?

Web design is constantly evolving. Designers and developers push the capabilities of technology to deliver unique and engaging online experiences. Using large hero graphics, flat design, parallax scrolling and masonry style blogs, websites reflect various trends.

The same holds true for e-commerce, both in design and usability.

According to, here are 4 trends for 2016 that will be important to performance among ecommerce sites:


  1. Simple and standard site designs that focus on usability

  2. Focus on mobile commerce and providing a user-friendly buying experience

  3. Pop-ups (believe it or not) which are highly effective in increasing e-commerce conversions

  4. More high-quality images, which can grab a user’s attention and provide more detailed product information than text is able

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