Once you have settled on an idea for a piece of content, how do you decide if it should be a blog post or an e-book?

Blog posts can serve a variety of purposes or take on a number of styles such as an op-ed, listicle, report, profile or case study. They typically range from 400 to 2,500 words (or more if long-form content) in length.

E-books usually start with word counts much greater than 2,500 words and can reach the tens of thousands depending on the subject matter. The content is often more data-driven or instructional rather than opinionated or, according to Emily Gaudette, a venue for thought leadership.

Several blog posts on related content could become an e-book. But remember, you may need to adjust for timeliness, especially if you are trying to generate content that doesn’t become stale too quickly. (We call that “evergreen,” like the tree.)

Ultimately, try to evaluate your idea on the basis of delivery. Would a person “pay” you for the e-book with their email address? If not, it might be better suited as a blog post.

For more, read Emily’s post “How to Decide If Your Idea Should Be an E-book or a Blog Post” from The Content Strategist.

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