When you think branding, don’t forget to look inward as well as outward.

When people hear the word “branding,” they typically think “logo,” “website,” and other visible manifestations of the brand. That point of view overlooks one of the most important audiences when it comes to branding: your employees.

A brand is more than a logo; it’s really the feeling or impression people get from interacting with your company. So, if your employees and internal stakeholders aren’t bearing the sigil appropriately, your customers, partners and external stakeholders may be experiencing a disconnect – or worse.

A recent Forbes article captured it like this: “…companies are most successful at marketing when their external promotion clearly communicates values and a vision that resonates with their audience. However, even the most thoughtful and impactful external promotion efforts won’t have a lasting impact unless the company’s actions reinforce that vision and those values.” Read the article to learn why internal evangelism is so important today, and cautionary tale of what it looks like when the internal and external aren’t calibrated.

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