Your social followers chose to click “like,” “follow” or “subscribe” because they wanted to know what your brand is doing, and to get access to relevant and useful information. Don’t screw it up!

Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done. Some of the easiest things you can do include ….drumroll…

  1. Respond to them. They followed you for proof that there are real people behind your brand. So, prove it. Be human.
  2. Be genuine. Don’t try to be something that your brand clearly is not. When in doubt, don’t post it. According to a recent report by Sprout Social, “71% [of customers] have unfollowed a brand because they were embarrassed.”
  3. Don’t be overly promotional. Customers typically follow brands on social media for fun and information. They aren’t looking to be bombarded with promotional materials. While there’s a time and place for social media advertising, you’ve also got to produce content that your customers want. Otherwise, they’ll go elsewhere.

Want more tips on how to not annoy your social followers? Check out this report by Sprout Social

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