Domains and Google

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Many new domain extensions, such as .academy, .guru, .attorney, have been made available  recently with new extensions still being released. These new extensions allow website owners to create more personalized and memorable website domains, but how does Google rank them compared to traditional .com, .org and .edu extensions?

These new extensions are generic top-level domains (gTLDs) or new top-level domains (nTLDs). They can be contrasted with the initial set of domains originally set up for specific uses such as by companies, organizations and educational institutions which are open now to anyone regardless of use and with the non-generic or country specific TLDs.

According to Google, the new gTLDs are treated like .com or any other TLDs., Keywords in the TLD – such as “attorney” – are not given any advantage (or disadvantage) in search. The same holds true for .BRAND TLDs (such as .apple).

For more information on how Google ranks TLDs, read Google’s Webmaster Central blog post about their handling of various TLDs.

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