While it’s true that people are still opening emails and clicking through to your website, getting consistently good email marketing results is more difficult today than it has been in the past. 

Peter Roesler, President of Web Marketing Pros, shares his thoughts on the subject in this article.

Roesler says that some businesses are still reporting great success. According to a recent report by the Direct Marketing Association, “Two out of five marketers they surveyed (41 percent) rated email as their best-performing channel.”

This same survey indicated that “unique open rates and unique click-to-open rates remain steady, currently at 15 percent and 20 percent respectively.”

Open rates and unique click-through rates, however, have declined considerably over the past few years. Why? It’s likely due to the fact that subscribers are bombarded with emails and other marketing content on a daily basis.

The solution? Use a variety of marketing channels to increase the likelihood of your message reaching its intended audience.   

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