A Guide to Creating Landing Pages

Landing pages are a common and vital part of a business’s online presence. They’re a key element of an inbound marketing strategy. Don’t be fooled by their simplicity! Engaging landing pages speak to a clear target audience and provide a streamlined user experience.

The goal of a landing page is to capture a visitor’s information so that you can communicate with them during their purchase process. If done correctly, a landing page will convert a visitor into a follower.

Factors such as the style of messaging and where information is placed affect how a visitor experiences your page. This will ultimately determine whether or not they are willing to engage with a brand. Thus, becoming clear on key points such as your target audience, your offer, and your call to action will make a big difference in how visitors interact with your page.

For an overview landing pages marketing strategy, Savoir Faire has created a short guide for reference. Click the button below and check out our landing page!

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