Customer Confusion

by | May 17, 2016 | Websites | 0 comments

A shopper who spends a lot of time on your e-Commerce site and doesn’t convert may have been unable or unwilling to complete the purchase due to confusion.

Confusion can occur because a product’s description is incomplete or inaccurate or because the checkout process is difficult to navigate or presents surprises.

Unfortunately, many online shoppers who have successfully selected items to purchase ultimately abandon their shopping carts due to confusion or a lack of confidence.

Eliminating confusion increases conversions and opportunities.

Detailed, comprehensive product descriptions and a fast, easy and secure checkout can instill confidence, provide a positive customer experience and encourage the buyer to complete the purchase.

  • Look at customer questions and see if you can improve your product descriptions.

  • Read your reviews to find ways to improve the customer experience on your site.

  • Measure behavior and where users “drop off” to reduce friction.

To learn more about these steps and how customer experience affects conversion, read Roger Dooley’s article “Confused Customers Cut Conversions.

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