A cult often refers to a group of people who are devoted to a charismatic leader or to a common goal. But cults can also refer to social groups defined by their complete veneration of an object or product.

Apple has developed a loyal following of true believers who are diehard evangelists for any and all Apple products. These product users are known collectively as the “cult of Apple.”

How did Apple build a cult? The entire Apple experience is designed to make people feel a part of something bigger. But Apple isn’t the only company assembling members.

Social media, inbound marketing and a shift in engagement methods has allowed more brands to create a cult-like following through collaboration, design, and community. Users who feel they are a part of something, who feel they are “in it together” or part of the family develop a greater connection to the brand and therefore greater loyalty.

Here are 23 brands that have been able to attract devoted true believers into their cults.

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