Create Content that Converts

by | Jun 30, 2017 | Content Marketing | 0 comments

Are you creating content just for the sake of it? Content marketing is more than just throwing content out there and hoping for conversions.

It starts with your headline. A recent study by Hubspot and Outbrain consisting of 150,000 headlines determined that, “Headlines with eight words performed the best in click-through rates.” And, “Ending a headline with a question mark results in a higher click-through rate than using an exclamation point or a full stop.”

Once you’ve grabbed the attention of your audience, you need to keep it. Adding images, videos, and other visual material definitely helps readers to stay engaged and interested in your content, so don’t forget to add a few.

Once the content is done, make sure you package it up in a neat and easy to digest format for your audience. And, don’t forget to tell them what you want them to do with a clear call-to-action. Learn more about creating high-converting content in this article.

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