Content creation is time consuming by nature. There’s no way around that. But it’s possible to speed up the process by being smart about how you spend your time.

As a writer, it is often difficult to explain to others just how much time goes into creating one piece of content – it usually takes longer than expected. However, by planning ahead, you can leverage your time more efficiently, which eventually allows you to create more content in that same amount of time.

Schedule time to write as soon as you have an assignment. This way, you’ll make yourself accountable for the task of writing, and have more motivation to write. During scheduled writing times – don’t do anything else! This is your focus time.

Another ways to save time is by researching and compiling ideas and facts for multiple topics at once rather than one at a time. This way when you sit down to write the next post, the research is already done.

For more tips on ways to save time when creating content, check out this article by Mo Harake, 10 Ways to Save Time in Creating Content.

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