One of the main goals of your content marketing efforts is to encourage engagement. However, knowing what type of content generates engagement and other traction online can be tough.

With so much content out there, and so many types, knowing which type of content will work best to engage your audience may seem an insurmountable challenge. 

If you’re wondering which types of content will get you the best results, Search Engine Journal recommends the following 7: 

  1. Authoritative Blog Posts
  2. Infographics
  3. Standout Opinion Pieces
  4. How-to Content
  5. Original Research Pieces
  6. Trending Content
  7. Videos

Now, you may not create all of these types of content. Depending on your company goals, your audience preferences, and the skills of your content team, you’ll need to choose the types that will allow you to create the best quality and relevant content possible.

For more information on how to create each of these 7 types of content, check out the full article, here.

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