Content Readability and SEO

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Content structure and page design go hand-in-hand to improve SEO and user experience simultaneously.

Long, long, long pages of text can be difficult for a user to read, especially on screen.

In order to improve readability,  content writers can split text into smaller paragraphs, include headers and subheaders as well as lists and other content elements that the designer can format to be clear and legible. Designers can then adjust line spacing and font size, choose appropriate fonts for paragraphs and headers, and/or use images and other graphic elements to optimize the visual content.

Using these formatting and content elements is not only good for usability or readability, it is also good for SEO.

Proper page structure allows search engines to more easily crawl pages and index greater numbers of pages.

Additionally, with Google’s greater emphasis on user experience and page speed, providing a good user experience that aims to retain site visitors also sends positive ranking signals to Google.

For more on how user experience (UX) and SEO work together, read “Five ways UX blends with SEO to improve a site’s performance.”

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