Thoughtful and Great Gift-giving is a Gift Itself, Got It?

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Just because all of the named days for holiday shopping have come and gone – farewell ‘til next year, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday – does not mean consumers are completed with their gift purchasing. Not by a long shot!

There are four types of shoppers out there that marketers are targeting for holiday gift purchases, according to Google: the Early Bird, the Evergreen, the Deal Seeker and the Last-Minute shoppers.

All four types have become more-thoughtful gift buyers and, while the Early Bird may have finished shopping for this holiday season, they might already be looking for gifts for the next season! So, don’t ignore any of these shopper types when finalizing your year-end content marketing!

These shoppers across the board are spending more than half of their seeking and purchasing time online, with the Deal Seeker utilizing their time 63% on mobile devices. (It’s always a good idea to keep your mobile site current and speedy in general.) It’s also important for you to note that Deal Seekers are using mobile devices 72% of time when they are in physical stores.

What happens often is that a Deal Seeker will spot the perfect gift for someone and instantly Google it, and buy it somewhere else at a lower price. They may also snap a photo of the potential gift item in the store to Google it later for an online bargain price.

As mentioned before, all of these shopper types are trending toward Thoughtful Shopping. Here are some things to note about a Thoughtful Shopper:

  • Buying gift cards are a no-no for Thoughtful Shoppers. In their minds, that’s an easy way out (and the thoughtful shopper may even be offended if they are gifted a gift card).
  • Thoughtful Shoppers are likely to only be inspired by your wish list and may not purchase something directly from it.
  • The goal of the Thoughtful Shopper is be the best gift-giver of the year. It’s a competition. Seriously.
  • Your smiling, shocked face after the gift reveal is Christmas crack to a Thoughtful Shopper.

Thoughtful shopping can be stressful, but the elation when finding the right gift can be worth the anxiety for a Thoughtful Shopper. Google Data posted some insight that shows thoughtful gift searches increased 150% in the last two years, while searches for “unique gifts” were up 110%.

Thoughtful Shoppers may not be your regulars, as more consumers would rather purchase the perfect gift for someone even if that means trying out a new store — if their tried-and-true shops don’t have what they are currently seeking.

Very specific gift searches are also on the rise, such as “Best gift for Grandma who loves mahjong.”

Thoughtful shoppers are also really trying to get something special for those the loved ones who “has everything” or ”wants nothing.” Those Google searches have grown by over 230% over the past two years. Those searches likely apply to Dads or Moms or the kid who is spoiled rotten by every relative.

Tips to Snag Thoughtful Shoppers

  • Generate and post gift list content for cat fanatics, the person who “wants nothing,” or dear, old Dad.
  • Attract shoppers when they are out and about, and steer them toward your site using mobile and other relevant content.
  • Use your content to talk about the excitement of finding that perfect gift, rather than just “Buy, buy buy!” Appeal to the competition level or hunting instincts of the Thoughtful Shopper.
  • Thoughtful Shoppers are finding inspiration watching videos, scrolling through social, really everywhere, so consider getting your content out beyond your mobile and desktop sites.

Something else to note: With competition for available holiday gift-giving dollars ever-growing, companies have realized that personalization, especially easy personalization, is a way to go. Nearly everyone has easy access to photos on a device, so one of the big ways businesses are pushing you to personalize is by adding a photo to a product to make it a one-of-a-kind.

For example, you can bedazzle a “mermaid” pillow with an embarrassing photo of a loved one that will be revealed once you brush your hand over the “mermaid scales” made of sequins. If you have the capabilities of easily printing photos or custom text on a product — and can ship it quickly — this is another way to attract Thoughtful Shoppers to your site.

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