Content Marketing Misconceptions

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Content marketing, while certainly en vogue and quite popular as a strategy, is not a new concept.

An example of early content marketing are the Michelin Guides which were developed as resources for motorists  around 1900, as Jeff Bullas points out in this blog post.

What is new is how we are delivering it, its targeted relevancy, and a lower barrier to entry for brands to get in the content game.

As the way we talk about content marketing develops and evolves, it is important to look at what content is and dispel some misconceptions.

Not only has content existed as long as marketing has, though unnamed as a unique strategy, content is also not necessarily digital.

“Content Marketing is the art of producing and promoting useful and/or relevant content. There are many forms of content that businesses use to reach and communicate with current and future customers.” (Jeff Bullas)

Jeff outlines 12 additional misconceptions about content marketing in his blog post, which can help you understand content marketing by learning not what it is but what it is not.

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