Content like a songwriter

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Using the storytelling methods and conventions of songwriters can strengthen your content.

Ahava Leibtag explores several songwriting tips and tricks and how they can improve your content writing in her post “Rock Your Content With These 7 Songwriting Secrets.

  1. Storytelling structure. Songwriters use a basic outline including exposition, conflict and resolution to tell stories that capture attention and draw the listener — reader — in.
  2. Leverage the user’s brain. According to Leibtag, the human brain actually becomes delighted or happy when processing rhythms and repetition. Bringing these rhythmic qualities to the written word affects how the content sounds in the reader’s head and their level of reception and engagement with the content.
  3. Collaborate. Some of the best songs are written by writing duos or even teams. If you find you are stuck, send your content to a colleague to review with fresh eyes.

For more on these and four additional tips, read Leibtag’s insightful article on how content writing can follow the successes of songwriters.

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