Common Google Analytics Mistakes

by | Aug 16, 2017 | Strategy & Analysis | 0 comments

If you’re not using Google Analytics to improve your website, that’s a big mistake. Let’s assume you are. Here are a couple things you could be doing better.

You’re using Google Analytics to get data from your website. Check. That’s definitely a step in the right direction. But are you filtering out internal session data? Meaning, are you filtering out data that may have been generated by your employees, or yourself?

You want to be sure you aren’t counting every time you click on one of your pages as actual website visits. By filtering that data out, you can get a better idea of where your outside visitors are coming from and what they’re doing on your website.

Another common mistake is not filtering out spam traffic, which can make up approximately 4 percent of your traffic. This traffic isn’t contributing your bottom line, so it shouldn’t be included in your page view count.

To learn how to filter out this junky information and additional ways to make your data more accurate, read this article from Entrepreneur.

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